Man defends himself, gets charged, while attempted murderers run free

January 9, 2011

Abuse of Authority

Here is another case that absolutely disgusts me.

Ian Thomson ran out of his house as three masked thugs were firebombing it.  They were trying to kill him by burning his house down with him inside it.  Any rational person would imagine that Thomson was fearing for his life as he came outside with a firearm and fired a warning shot to scare the thugs away.  It worked.  They ran away.

They’d tossed Molotov cocktails at his house, setting it on fire, and had even tossed one into the kennel where his dogs were, I guess because they wanted to burn the dogs alive too.

The police charged Thomson with firearms offense immediately, and when he went to his first court appearance, instead of dropping the charges like any reasonable person would do, given the circumstances of the case, Niagara Regional Police and Crown counsel laid three MORE charges against him.

After all, how DARE he defend himself when someone’s trying to burn him alive?  It’s just not… sporting… I guess.

The police apparently have two of the three in custody. Randy Weaver, 48, of Port Colborne, and Justin Lee, 19, of Welland, were both charged with arson and disregard for human life.

However, the Niagara Regional Police seem quite unconcerned about the third.  When Thomson expressed his exasperation with the fact that one of the attempted murderers was still running around free, he was told, “Call us if you see him.”


Here’s the video interview with Thomson’s lawyer Ed Burlew.   At about 6 minutes into the video there is footage of the actual firebomb attack.

I don’t understand the police or Crown on this one.  It appears to be another case of “let’s charge the victim”, something that seems to be gaining steam across Canada.

It’s a lousy trend that can only leave the public even more disgusted with our police forces than Canadians already are.

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