Dr. Mike Ackermann’s Answer to RCMP Unfinished Receiver Edict

Dr. Mike Ackermann is one of my favourite people.  He’s intelligent and has a heart bigger than the Atlantic ocean. He’s on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) and devotes incredible amounts of time, energy and money to defending our firearm rights.

He’s also mischieveous and willing to put Government in its place without a moment’s hesitation. And, of course, he despises bureaucratic interference in his life. Every last bit of it.

Seriously, how do you not love this guy? He’s 100% MAN.

When the RCMP issued its latest edict turning hunks of metal into restricted or prohibited firearms and countless gun owners into criminals with the stroke of their bureaucratic pens along with it, Dr. Mike channeled his outrage it into a practical method to give the Horsemen a taste of their own asinine medicine.

His Facebook post reads:

OK, folks. Time to teach them a little lesson.

You will note that in this bulletin the point along the manufacturing process at which aluminum ore becomes a firearm receiver worthy of registration is nowhere defined. In fact it is not defined in law at all.

So let’s pick a point. Let’s say once you have a block of aluminum bar stock you have an object that can be machined into a firearm receiver.

Since we all want to remain within the law, I think it is reasonable to dutifully register all our pieces of bar stock.

In order to make it easy for you, I have included below in comments the proper registration form filled out except for your own particular information.

Have fun and play safe!

Dr. Mike Ackermann believes in following the law, the precise letter of the law. If the RCMP wants to register hunks of metal then we register hunks of metal.

Below is the instructions for what the RCMP demands of us. We must follow these instructions to the letter.


Non-restricted receiver blanks do not need to be registered.

In order to register a restricted or prohibited receiver blank you must submit a registration application. Inf your receiver blank cannot be matched to an existing Firearms Reference Table (FRT) listing, please include as much information as possible, along with photographs of the receiver blank and any paperwork from the manufacturer which describes the receiver blank.

If your receiver blank does not bear a serial number, you must leave this field blank when submitting a registration application for a firearm. On the registration certificate that is issued for a receiver blank, you will find the firearm identification number (FIN) assigned to the receiver blank.

[ much rcmp doublespeak deleted for brevity ]

Receiver blanks will be registered as frame/receiver only. Any modifications made to a registered frame/receiver that would change its class, make it capable of discharging ammunition, or result in the firearm ceasing to be a firearm must be reported to the Registrar as outlined in section 4 of the Firearms Registration Certificates Regulations. (Who knew?)

Dr. Ackermann provided three partially-filled pages to make the process easier for you.  Those three documents can be downloaded from these links:

Perhaps a copy of these documents to the Minister of Public Safety and the Prime Minister, along with your cover letter expressing your appreciation for the RCMP’s willingness to keep us safe from dangerous hunks of metal. We wouldn’t want our political masters to think we’re not grateful, after all.

Lastly and most importantly, remember what the RCMP memo said.  If something happens to the receiver blank that would “result in the firearms ceasing to be a firearm” you must report this to the Registrar.

In a few months, after you’ve turned your hunk of metal into something other than a firearm receiver, be sure to deregister it, as the RCMP demands and required by the Firearms Registration Certificates Regulations.

If the RCMP wants to waste their time pushing useless paper all day, it is the job, nay, it is the DUTY of mere citizens to comply!



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