Depraved Ontario Mountie shackles and tortures his 11-year-old son


There is no other word to describe the whack-job RCMP member who took his 11-year-old son into his dark Kanata basement, then chained the boy up, physically and mentally tortured the boy and even starved him because the deranged cop believed his boy would grow up to be a sexual predator.


This confinement, torture and starvation didn’t go on for a few hours or even a few days.  This abuse went on for 6 MONTHS.  Chained up, naked, beaten, starved, and tortured.  His own 11-year-old child.


He hit his son so hard he chipped one of the boys teeth.  He took himself to the emergency ward to treat his cut hand but the boy remained chained in the basement.  He burned the boy’s genitals because he thought his son was the devil.  He burned him with a lighter on other parts of his body.

The Devil Made Me Do It!
            The Devil Made Me Do It!


He tried getting his brother, a priest, to perform a exorcism on the boy.

I thought the devil’s inside him. I saw his eyes and heard his voice,” the Mountie told court.


Thankfully both this cop and his new wife are both charged with aggravated assault, forcible confinement and failure to provide necessities of life.  One would hope that upon their convictions for their heinous crimes Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger would see fit to ensure neither one will breathes free air for the next few decades.

What is appalling is that both the father and his wife are out on bail.

On the witness stand this repulsive example of humanity takes no responsibility for his actions.  Instead he blames his childhood in Lebanon, his own alleged rape as a child by one of his teachers and his paralyzed girlfriend’s condition. He blamed the “hardship of fatherhood” and the child’s need to be fed every few hours.  The needy child deserved it because the depraved cop “had no time to shower.”

Like all stand-up men do, instead of finding solutions to his parenting complaints he left his paralyzed girlfriend and the baby because he couldn’t “handle being a nurse and a police officer.”

Real stand-up guy, isn’t he… leaving a paralyzed woman with her newborn baby.

He never once blames himself.  It was the kid’s fault for being “a problem child”, right?

“I always felt rejected by my son. No matter what I did, it wasn’t enough,” the suspended officer testified in court Tuesday morning.

His lawyer, Robert Carew, had the audacity to blame the boy for his malnutrition while the father watched.

“You’ll agree, some people feel more comfortable being thin,” he said, suggesting the emaciation could be self-inflicted or due to anorexia.


When the boy’s mother died in 2009 this stand-up guy applied for and was given full custody of the poor kid.  If the kid thought things were bad before they were about to get a whole lot worse.

Ottawa police called it the “worst case of abuse police have seen.”

The depraved cop recorded video of the “interrogations” where the father demanded the child confess to a myriad of sin, real or imagined.

You haven’t repented yet! You will weep blood for what you have done. I don’t see you on your knees yet.  If you’re in this position, it’s because someone has had enough of you.  You will pray that Jesus will take you back after all of this and that your parents will take you back.

Somehow the 11-year-old managed to escape his dungeon and his torturer in February 2013.  He weighed only 50 pounds at the time.   That he hadn’t starved to death amazed the doctors who brought him back to health.

Dr. Leigh Fraser-Roberts said it “was by far the worst case of inflicted injury, abuse or neglect in a child who managed to survive.”

The disgraced Mountie, former counter-terrorism investigator and depraved father continues to present himself as the victim in all this.

“I didn’t know what the hell I was doing,” the Mountie testified.

“I was in a deep fog. I didn’t appreciate what I was doing to my son.”

Yeah right.  Claiming PTSD once you’ve been caught isn’t the same thing as actually suffering from it.  Ask any veteran who actually suffers from it.

The Mountie further stated that he didn’t know what he had done was morally wrong and continued to blame his mental capacity, as a doctor previously said that he had PTSD prior to his arrest in February 2013.

The Mountie continued to use his troubled childhood as excuses for his PTSD, including growing up in Lebanon, seeing dead bodies and bombs, and also claiming that he was raped as a young boy, National Post reports.

It was firmly reported by the prosecutor that none of these childhood problems ever came up until after his arrest and that he easily aced his Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) exams.


There is no other word.

That this piece of garbage is claiming PTSD and didn’t have the mental capacity to form intent shows this is just one more RCMP scumbag trying to game the system a la Monty Robinson.  Who knows?  It sure worked for that depraved degenerate, didn’t it?

Can you imagine?  This degenerate being found NOT criminally responsible for torturing his own child?

I will be horrified if this man gets away with gaming the system but our (in)justice system has a bad habit of treating criminal RCMP members in a vastly differently manner than it does any mere citizen charged with similar crimes.

To the RCMP’s credit they have suspended this disgusting pile of humanity without pay.  They don’t do that very often, much to my displeasure, as I’ve documented too many times over the years.


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