Shocking News! Robert Dziekanski’s Death at the hands of RCMP Thugs Ruled a Homicide!


It only took the BC Coroners Service 5 years…

It’s rather astounding, I must admit, but the BC Coroners Service finally reached the blatantly obvious conclusion that Robert Dziekanski’s death was a homicide.

From the Toronto Sun:

The coroner’s report (download PDF) released Monday found that Dziekanski, 40, died from a heart attack moments after four RCMP officers zapped him five times with a Taser.

They refused to state the men responsible for that homicide were 4 serving RCMP members, all of whom are awaiting trial on perjury charges for lying to the Braidwood inquiry.  Here is the conclusion of Patrick Culklinane, Coroner, who conducted this inquiry:


I find that Robe1i Dziekanski died in Richmond on October 14, 2007 of Cardiac Arrhythmia in the presence of a physical altercation and multiple deployments of a conducted energy weapon. I classify this death as homicide. Homicide is a death due to an injury intentionally inflicted by the action of another person. Homicide is a neutral term that does not imply fault or blame.

The circumstances of the death of Mr. Dziekanski and the use of conducted energy weapons were reviewed in comprehensive detail during the course of the Braidwood inquiry. Given the extent of the review and the accompanying recommendations, which have largely been adopted by the relevant agencies, I make no further recommendations.

The 4 RCMP thugs who murdered Robert Dziekanski were led by that posterboy for everything that’s wrong with the RCMP, Benjamin Monty Robinson.

orion-hutchinsonOver the years I’ve written extensively about this piece of garbage who went on to kill Orion Hutchinson while driving drunk less than a year after killing Dziekanski.

Adding insult to injury, the judge saw fit to sentence Robinson to a whopping 30 days of house arrest for obstruction of justice in the Hutchinson case.

Robinson was never charged with killing the young man or with killing Robert Dziekansi.

Dziekanski’s death was extensively investigated by the Braidwood Inquiry. Its recommendations led to a significant drop in police Taser use starting in 2008 and the creation of the Independent Investigations Office — an agency that investigates deaths and serious injuries involving police.

The Mounties involved are currently facing perjury charges in relation to their testimony at the Braidwood Inquiry.

I suppose this ruling is better than nothing, if only that it says someone killed Robert Dziekanski.

You can download the BC Coroners Service Report into Robert Dziekansi’s homicide from this link:

2 thoughts on “Shocking News! Robert Dziekanski’s Death at the hands of RCMP Thugs Ruled a Homicide!

  1. Hello Christopher…..

    Thank you for staying on this story……

    Was there ever any doubt?……

    As you have, and certainly not as extensively as you have, I penned a piece that sit on your blog now called “Of Mounties and Murder” and as you have, it details the murderous and criminal excesses of the RCMP….they can no longer be trusted, they are thugs, punks and petty criminals with guns and badges whose superiors give immediate rubber-stamp approval to their criminality and zealous pursuits……….they are not to be trusted, they are not to be respected….they are to be loathed and the wise person will ensure that there is a considerable and safe distance kept between themselves, their friends and family members and these “Law enforcement officers”…

    Here is a quote from a piece I wrote 2 years ago…..

    How remarkable that, with shrill voices and self righteous indignation, we are now tongue lashed by the relatives of the dead officers for not “developing” better relationships with the RCMP. These little jewels of chastisement fall from the lips of the dead officers parents in the face of the brutal execution of Robert Dziekanski in the Vancouver Airport. Four RCMP officers, in a killing that speaks more of the handiwork of the Mexican Los Zetas’ than the competent enforcement of law, tazered to death an innocent Polish tourist. A detail not to be missed was Dziekanskis’ weapon of choice……wait for it…….a stapler!!!! The scene, caught on video tape, was not one to uplift public confidence, no public relations bridge builder that, but rather one of Neanderthal thugs gathered around a man and, with great enthusiasm, murdering him. Subsequent to that little RCMP display of “Maintien Le Droit” one of the officers who participated in that killing, Const. Benjamin Robinson, couldn’t restrain himself from drunken revelry and killed an innocent man in a drunk driving accident.

    Read the complete article at:

    “Civis Caveat”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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